Yoga has been the backbone of my life !

Its not just material things that we accumulate, it’s actually who we become that is vitally important in this challenging beautiful life we create!!!

The more I walk the path of a yogi the happier internally I become…….

  1. First main point is remember just doing a little yogic practice daily, even for a few minutes over years has a profound accumulative effect on you! Start off with basic postures and practice gently. The depth of the pose will come with time. Do not over do your practice but build it slowly. Do not be in a rush to push your poses just be content working away bit by bit. Think about it has a life time project not a quick fix to change rapidly like most people try and do! Endurance is the key and growing naturally into a yogi is very important and a deep and special path.

Try salute to the sun gently very important and get a yoga book on Asanas. Learn the basic postures and do not be in a hurry. Just do a bit each day. If you miss a day never be hard on yourself just continue building your beautiful practice!

A yogis mind must be in a clam state to grow you as a whole! This is very important and NEVER underestimated the power of happiness this will bring to you it is very important. Be patient day bit by bit.

2. The second point it is extremely important what you eat for your growth physically, mentally and spiritually. Their are three main groups of food and they have a profound effect on your body but even more importantly your mind state.

This mind state is what a yogi must cultivate it is called Satavic or balance state of consciousness. Now stick with me reading this next little bit, because this is vital to growing on so many levels emotionally, physically, spiritually.

The first type of food is called Rajidic which is a stimulate based food. Such as white sugar, white flour, coffee, sweets, energy drinks. This stimulate food speeds up your mind and your central nervous system. But does not provide much nutrients and most people feel the crash after the initial rush of stimulation!

The second type of food is Tasmidic or bloating food. Such as Meat, alcohol, this bloats the body and slows the mind down. People after drinking and eating meat feel bloated and feel slow and lethargic. The mind slows down and even a sleepy sense takes over.

So the mind state is stimulated rising upward with stimulate food (Rajidic) and then goes downward with bloating food (Tasmidic). This constant eating this way causes the mind to go up and down causing big mood swings. A high state then a low depressed state! This is not a good way to be!!!

The third type of food is called Sativic food which is your vegetables, fruits , whole grains, beans, nuts, herbal teas. This provides you with energy vitality and a long term energized state. Also the mind becomes sativic balanced calm and heightened cognitive speed.

This allows you as a yogi to grow both physically,mentally and spiritually at a faster rate. Also provides you with a calm mind state. This calm mind state allows you to go deeper into meditation when you practice and benefits all levels of your life!

If you are determined to transform try this link below it is helping hundred’s of people transform weekly. It takes courage and character to transform because we are so conditioned in the way we are. I work away daily at changing who I want to become and have taken many courses to transform. Its part of backing yourself and more importantly investing in yourself! I BELIEVE IN YOU GO FOR IT!


The path you are about to under take will transform your life bringing joy and happiness. You will develop so many great qualities by daily yoga practice. I have also a yoga channel with some basic yoga poses to follow. Greenlivingpath youtube. I Also have yoga books on payhip……under A K Duncan (Alyogi) Alasdair K Duncan

Remember yoga tools, 1. yoga matt must belong and well padded. 2. A place where you practice with maybe symbols, candles, inspirational photos. 3. A yoga book with the poses also a little mediation is important. 4. Practice a little each day even if it is for 5 minutes. 6. never be hard on yourself if you miss your practice. Grow slowly but deeply is the key… rush just be happy where you are at is vital.

Hope you enjoyed the article my aspiring yogi. Lots of love on your beautiful deep profound path you will walk. When you live in harmony with yourself, all beings and the Planet you help all of us. LIVE GREEN………NAMASTI…..

Eating clean is vital to becoming a healthy fit and vibrant being. Plan your day out the evening before. Incorporate exercise and a bit of mediation this is vital in changing your state. Because 95% of the day is performed from our subconscious state. This why is is hard to change. We need to transform our subconscious programming . This is key to changing your life and lifting your vibration upwards. Take the challenge up below, and transform your life. Become the person you have always dreamed of!!! You can do this it takes a minimum of 21 days to re-program yourself. Lets do this here is a great program to help you on your path! Bless you my friend! NAMASTI



Ingredients Below for the Yogic Buddha Bowl!

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This totally natural Xmas drink taken in the morning or night will work if you take it each night or morning!

Firstly you need to grab the natural ingredients.

  1. Ginger root
  2. One lemon
  3. A bottle of apple cider vinegar
  4. Honey

Chop the ginger up and finely chop up half the lemon. Place in pot fill with 1 liter of water . Bring to the boil and stir the ingredients gentle for a few minutes. Then turn down to simmer.

Put 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and one tea spoon of honey in the simmering water. Stir gently then drain of the ginger and lemon and drink the entire natural remedy.

This will reduce belly fat. Improves circulation and alkalizes the body making absorption of nutrient food more efficient.


Drink this natural drink in the morning which flushes out your GI track giving it the kick start to work efficiently especially over the Xmas festival time.

Lemon is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins C and B. Lemon is great for alkalizing the body meaning the cells work more efficiently.

The ginger root is rich in magnesium and zinc which improve circulation and absorption of nutrient food. Combined with the honey, lemon, ginger and apple cider this provides a great environment for the micro environment in the stomach.

So this natural drink

1. improves circulation

2. Improves digestion

3. Reduces weight particularly around the belly.

4. Improves nutrient absorption.

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Lets lift our over all wellness and our vibration this pulls in good results. Have a great Xmas. BEST OF LUCK WITH YOUR TRANSFORMATION.

Using 3 Ancient Mudra’s to help your life big Time!!!

Learn ancient wisdom through yoga Mudra's to increase your energy and abundance!!!
Using Mudra’s to connect to the Quantum field……changing your brains frequency……

Remember these Mudra’s are the ancient ways to elevate your vibration into the quantum field which creates matter. This has been scientifically verified and in coming years will become more accepted. Mudra’s are the ancients way of talking about the quantum field that has been proven by science.

A great way to connect to the quantum field of possibilities………the future is full of possibilities.
These Mudra’s practiced daily help re-program our old out dated program. We can create a new program within side ourselves at any time. It just takes effort daily…
Delete your old program using this Mudra and create a new program with love , abundance and oneness.
We have huge amount of power from the quantum field that dwells within us and all around us. Do not let your out dated conditioning hold you back. Start a new way of living now slowly building it day by day!!!

Lets all live Green in harmony with ourselves all beings and the Planet………



1 When you wake up feel gratitude for all the positive things in your life. Mentally go through individually all the positive things that are currently uplifting your life. This changes the mind pattern in a transformative direction. Practice gratitude in the morning when you wake up and at night just before you go to sleep. This is a really transformative way to reprogram your life. Gratitude is a way of deeply appreciating your life in the moment.

This is key at getting you out of the old paradigm or old program that wants to pull you into the past. Once you start practicing gratitude it breaks your free from the old limiting patterns that a lot of us are entrenched in.

We become what we think and gratitude emits a high enough vibration to uplift your life in a profound way. This breaks you free from the fight or flight self-preservation mode of thinking. Which is constantly scanning your current reality for problems.

These profound techniques or tools help your transcend this archaic program that is no longer serving you. It is out dated and therefore needs to be deleted in your life. But this will take a lot of consistent effort on your part to break free. You have to be relentless in your pursuit of installing a new paradigm program.   


2. Write down 10 attributes such as love, abundance, courage, that will give you the future that you know you deserve!  Carry the 10 qualities in a notebook or written on a card with you, during the day and every time a negative thought from your old program pops into your mind go through these 10 qualities over and over. After all, repetition is the mother of success and will give birth to a new positive program in your life.

By consistently reading these affirmation many times a day it reprograms your subconscious mind. The subconscious pattern controls your habits, beliefs and also your future. Change your subconscious you will change your future.

3. Do meditation 1 to 2 times a day to get you away from thinking about yourself and to connect with the quantum field. Which is the unlimited potential you have inside yourself. Meditation helps you destress, transforming more mind-body, heart coherence and produces a deep sense of wellbeing! Meditation is key to changing and transforming who you are. Therefore having a huge impact on your future potential.

Simply concentrate on your breath slowing it down which directly slows your mind down. Let go of any thoughts that come into your mind by simply blowing them out with your slow controlled breath. Feel at peace, empowered and deeply relaxed. Make sure you sit upright and not slouched.  This allows the energy to flow freely up your spinal cord.

 4. It’s all about upping your vibration, it’s vitally important to take on-board high octane food. For example, nuts such as walnuts hazelnuts are a great protein source and not heavy such as red meat. Red meat has a high level of statured fat which is not as healthy for you. Eating lots of fruit and green vegetables is a great source of iron along with carbohydrates, minerals. The fiber fruits and vegetables have are great for your alimentary canal keeping you regular.

By eating food types like mentioned above, helps lift your vibration and more importantly keeps your mood balanced!  Instead of sharp spikes from eating sugar and fat that creates an up-and-down effect within your mind.  After all, it’s all about the transformation of who you become in life. Which directly results in the quality of your life.

5. It’s really important to get off the couch and do some exercise, for example, yoga is very restorative and recuperative along with building strength and flexibility. This is key for transforming your life for the better and manifesting your future.

Yogic exercises lengthen your muscles tissues and strengthen your connective ligaments and release aches and pains within your body. It also gives you flexibility and mobility along with strength.

Yoga also helps align your skeletal system increasing blood flow and generally giving you a more positive outlook on life.    

6. Change your state of consciousness by watching a funny YouTube movie. This makes you laugh which helps you enjoy the moment. You could also watch self-help information based documentaries that uplift your perception of life.

This helps empower you and transform your life in a positive way. By changing your mental state this breaks an old negative reinforcing pattern that have held you back. It’s time to change your mind state and therefore your future!

Your thoughts are the key to building good habits and therefore a better life. So changing your thoughts to a more positive state will dramatically help your life.

7. Drink lemon water which helps alkalize your body. Your body functions better when you are alkalis and hydrated. After all, we are close to 70% water and water helps flush out toxins that build up in the cells and joints of your body.

Drink fresh fruit juice this has polyphenols that provide an energy boost. Along with vital minerals for your body to easily metabolize. Polyphenols studies have shown they help give your body a sustained level of energy over a longer period of time.  

 8. Hang around people that are happy, positive and knowledgeable. This is uplifting and inspires you to move on up with your transformation. There is an old saying you become a lot like the people you hang out with. So be mindful of hanging out with people that pull down your vibration. Choose higher vibration people and experience the transformation in your life.

If you can find a mentor to impart some of their knowledge to you, this would be a great idea. This dramatically cuts down your learning curve and helps you avoid costly mistakes. A mentor is a great motivator in your life and helps you to aspire to their level they have reached. Inspiration breeds success and gives you a real boost with your life.

9. Write out a blueprint of your goals dreams and aspirations.  Put dates and times on these dreams and aspirations that you believe are achievable. Studies show that people with clear defined goals achieve a lot more in their life.

 Like a builder how can you build a house or your life without a good blueprint to follow? A blueprint is key to mapping out the destination of your future. You can tick off your goals as you achieve them which gives you an inner glow and a great sense of accomplishment.

By having a clear vision a road map to follow it gives your life purpose and direction. So when life throws a curve ball at you there is a road map top cling too. So don’t underestimate the importance of a blue print.

Manifest the person you want to become with all these techniques combined……

10. Help other people by giving to them. Even just helping your next-door neighbor or offering a kind word to people leaves them with a good vibe. By creating a good vibe this greatly boost your life. This enriches your life and therefore transforms uplifting your vibration.

A great tip is to remember is to open your heart and align it with your mind, body and spirit. This drastically increases your human potential in your life. You align yourself with your higher potential that is connected to the quantum field opening up possibilities.

Get out of blaming or judging others is key to freeing yourself. This will bring great joy to your life and train you to see the potential of things. Instead of being caught in flight or fight mode that a lot of people are trapped in.

Use your meditation to get out of the fight-or-flight mode and transition to a deeper loving state. Which give you an abundant life by connecting to the quantum field that dwells within all of us. Fall in love with life and realize we have the potential to reprogram our lives at any moment.

Check out Green Living Path youtube. This constant learning and growing lifts you from the life you now dwell, into your potentially amazing future!!!………


4 keto diet side effects to watch out for !

Living and eating a balance lifestyle is the key to health……

Here are four key side effects to consider before taking the plunge to commence the Keto diet……….

Anyone considering the keto diet should know what will happen before they embark on this new journey diet wise???

Ketosis changes the metabolic or metabolism into a natural state call Ketosis ( fat burning)…. This is a unique state for your body to be in and it will take at least a few weeks to adjust to such a change. Which I have been through and the first two weeks was the hardest for me!

Here is some of the 4 main side effects you may face?

  1. Constipation……… This may occur when you cut out sources of fiber from your diet. For example beans, fruit and whole grains are restricted when you decide to go on the Keto diet! This can be stopped by eating Almonds, avocado’s, flax seeds and even chia seeds and peccan seeds can work.

2. The second potential side effect because you are restricted eating fruit and vegetables because of their sugars and carbohydrates can leave you with mineral and vitamin deficiency.

3. Third side effect may happen because you do not have enough fiber such as vegetables and fruits this cause the mircobiome in your stomach to be deficient. So to counteract this side effect you can take probiotics for your stomach. Use nuts they are also jammed packed with nutrients and fiber.

4. Fourth reason to watch is your body when doing Ketosis diet sheds a lot of fat, water and electrolytes and glycogen. When this happens your electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and magnesium can run low!

You may experience headaches and fatigue through out your day. So take electrolyte supplements when you are on the keto diet this will help you!

But once you see the results of losing fat and being happier you will experience a feeling of accomplishment. Free from the world of being over weight and a mental up lift to transform your life. Good luck my friend.

The inner glow of success awaits you.

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How to raise your vibration to keep you happy and Soulful ……

Raising your vibration each day keeps you health, happy and wealthy…… This puts you in the quantum flow to be creative and attract positive results daily.

  1. Eating clean is so important to raise your vibration.

Food like this lifts your vibration and energizes your brain and body with vital nutrients.

This puts your brain in a balanced state called Satavic. Simply put this state gives you a even keel to sail through life’s seas. Allowing you to connect to your deep side of your self.

2. A daily mediation is vital to raise your vibration and open up to your higher self opening up more possibilities. This combination of eating clean and meditation work together synergistic, to amplify your daily mood and vibration. Meaning your day will flow a lot more smoothly.

3. Movement chemically changes your mood raising you r vibration upward. Yoga asanas is a key component to increase your vibration. This energizes your body and tones and oxygenates your entire system. This is known as Prana the life force that permeates all things. Combining these components to lift your vibration will lift your mood and therefore you will have great productive day!

Meditation combined with eating clean is key to sky rocketing your vibration !

If you combine all these components daily your life will change for the better and you will notice positive things begin to happen to you daily.

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